About Us

About Us

Farah Dentistry is an independent charitable organization (not-for-profit) committed to improving oral well-being and health across the globe. Since 8 years ago, we’ve provided independent, expert, and impartial guidance on all aspects of oral health directly to people who need it the most.

We partner closely with the government as well as dental and health professionals and manufacturers of dental products, the dental trade, local and national agencies, and the public to tackle the disparities regarding oral health and change people’s lives in a positive way.

The concept of preventive dental care and the benefits that result from it was extremely new and is currently being utilized by a tiny portion of dentists.

Through the years, we’ve operated Farah Dentistry from our headquarters at Canada. Farah Dentistry we have is a truly charitable charity, and the vital work of our experts continues to benefit both professionals and the general public, providing a vital resource for educating the general public about a wide range of oral and dental health questions.

Our team has dealt with various requests to date, providing an array of individuals with different needs, reliable advice, and confidence from across the globe.

As a non-profit organization that provides high-quality information and oral hygiene products to healthcare professionals worldwide, we have more than 7,000 patients from dental practices, hospitals, health centers, and educational centers. We offer various products that offer value, professional-quality health education, and motivational material for their patients and their community.

Inequalities regarding oral health continue to rise, and with cases of oral cancer increasing, our role as a pioneer in education about oral health and prevention is becoming more vital.

Farah Dentistry is working to eliminate inequalities regarding oral health by offering information and assistance to children, older people and disabled, vulnerable people, and people living in poverty across the globe.

We’re seeing too many people becoming isolated geographically, while those with reduced mobility have a harder time accessing the required services.

Help us tackle inequities regarding oral health by donating to Farah Dentistry.